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Welcome to Passion for Code

In this blog full with articles about software development, I will help with develop different type of projects from scratch to a working project. The first tutorials will be about the open source Symfony framework.

The symfony framework makes producing code for your project more easier. Many features are there to help you. There is a amazing toolbar, what give information during development. It tells you where you can perform improvements, by example using cache our think about your queries.

Just let's started by reading the articles. Under this introduction, you will see the last written articles. From new to old. In the top you will see the link to the section about Symfony.


Sep 11

1. Set-up the Symfony project

  • September 26, 2017 20:46

Set-up our first project. For this project we going to create a folder structure by the Symfony CLI command. The details about all the different directories and configuration files I will discuss in this article.

We will set-up and run the project. The commands will be discussed and also the use of Symfony toolbar. Enjoy the course.

Sep 10

Symfony 3 framework tutorials

  • September 26, 2017 20:46

Welcome to the Symfony tutorials. In a few articles I will bring you up and running with the Symfony framework. At the beginning we will mainly focus on how to create our first project. After a while we will load data from the database by Doctrine ORM and at the end combine it together.

In this article I will explain what we going to do. A small detail, we going to create a real world project. A webshop what can be tweaked to your own needs.

Jul 29

Kubernetes and Golang at Gini-Recruit

  • September 26, 2017 20:46

In the recruitment software package Gini-Recruit we decide to use Kubernetes and Golang. Golang for the webservices and Kubernetes to manage the webservices. Golang have made our processes much more stable. Where the old processes runs out of memory or other resources, stays Golang processes running further.

In this item i explain our choices and where we are going to from the old infrastructure to the new one.